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Don't know where to start on your Fig Bros journey? We have carefully selected our world-famous and top sellers to keep your customers coming back for more.

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Happy Sweet Shop

Wholesale Products

Happy Sweet Shop reminds you of the candy from your childhood with classic flavors that are still loved by all today. Our wholesale candy will make your customers feel like a kid again. read more...

Sauce Brothers

Wholesale Products

We are the O.G. Saucemakers. Our Sauce Brothers wholesale products are crafted for the daring flavor lover and spice enthusiast. Can you handle the heat? read more...

Artisan Coffee

Barrel & Bean Coffee

Wholesale Products

Our imaginative wholesale coffee was inspired by both the bourbon lover and the coffee connoisseur. Don't make your customers choose! read more...

Try The Best of The Best

We understand if you're getting overwhelmed and don't know which one of our show-stopping products to try first! To make things a little bit easier for you, we have compiled our best sellers so you can be sure to offer your customers the best of the best. From exotic grilling marinades to kick you in the pants hot sauces, Fig Bros can offer you something to satisfy everyone. Go on a flavor journey with our world-famous Melinda's hot sauces or sip a cup of our artisan crafted coffee. These carefully selected products are sure to make your patrons beg for more.

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