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Our grilling marinades can be perfectly paired with a juicy steak, chicken breast, or pork tenderloin to knock the socks off of your patrons.

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Our wholesale gourmet sauces will leave your customers feeling like they just jet set away to an exotic destination for some fine dining. Spice Exchange blends together new and old-world flavors to create an exceptional product. read more...

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Spice Exchange Grilling Marinades are available in three enticing flavors to compliment any dish. For an exotic, sweet and creamy flavor, try our Mango Coconut Marinade (also great as a dipping sauce or salad dressing). To add a bit more heat to your dish, our Mango Ginger Habanero incorporates our all-time favorite pepper with the tangy sweetness of ripe mango and zing of fresh ginger. Or for a mellow burn with rich, warming spices, our Papaya Curry Marinade reigns supreme – we especially love it paired with chicken and seafood.

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