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Our award-winning hot sauces have made a name for themselves around the globe. With heat levels ranging from moderate to can-hardly-handle-it hot, we’ve got something for everyone.

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The brand that put Fig Bros on the culinary map. Melinda's wholesale gourmet hot sauces were created before hot sauce was cool. Want to join the club? read more...


Sauce Brothers

Wholesale Products

We are the O.G. Saucemakers. Our Sauce Brothers wholesale products are crafted for the daring flavor lover and spice enthusiast. Can you handle the heat? read more...


Wholesale Products

Only crafted for the bold and the outrageous. Test our entire range if you consider yourself a pepper connoisseur. Our Novelties wholesale hot sauces will quite literally blow your mind. read more...


Some Like It Hot

When Fig Bros launched our very first hot sauce - Melinda’s Original Habanero Pepper Sauce - we only had two heat levels: Hot (X) and Extra Hot (XX). Turns out, our loyal fans were ready for even more heat, so we developed another level by increasing the ratio of pepper mash in our recipe until we hit true “fire” status without compromising on flavor. This XXX-level sauce was hotter than anything we’d ever tasted, but we couldn’t stop there. To create one last level of heat, we experimented with a special mash of hand-selected red habaneros that we then aged for a more robust flavor and untameable heat: XXXX Reserve. The range to put your restaurant or store above the competition.

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