Wholesale Snacks

Wholesale gourmet snacks to satisfy your customer's cravings. Our unique banana chip flavors pair perfectly with our signature and internationally recognized sauces.

Wholesale Snacks

Savory, Sweet and Heat

Sauces might be our specialty, but we’ve got a flair for seasoning when it comes to snacks, too. So when we got a little hungry one day while working on our pepper sauce recipes, we decided to go ahead and spice up a few bags of mixed nuts for a seriously hot, ultra flavorful snack. But that wasn’t enough – we needed a little variety to balance out the heat, so we devised our crunchy, homemade banana chips in six killer flavors. Hunger disappears with Fig Bros wholesale snacks, available in a variety of flavors to satisfy any craving. Purchase in bulk because you won't be able to keep these in stock - trust us.

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